Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Local Jacksonville Moving Company

How Hiring a Local Jacksonville Moving Company Can Save You Money and Piece of Mind

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Why Choose Local Jacksonville Moving Companies

Moving is a stressful business and it can feel very overwhelming. Most people don't realize how much stuff they really have to move until the last minute. This can lead to a lot of mental and physical strain if your handling the situation yourself. Fortunately hiring a professional moving service can not only simplify and reduce stress from your move, but also save you valuable time. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from hiring a professional moving service in the Jacksonville area.

1.Ease of Communication and Planning

By getting in contact with local moving companies in your area you will have access to input from many different moving professionals that will be competing to earn your business. It is important to provide these individuals with as much information as possible so that they can properly plan out the logistics of your move and save you as much time and money as possible. Its important to ask your moving representatives any questions pertaining to obstacles to completing your move efficiently. Local moving professionals will be aware of weather and event conditions that may influence traffic and safety during the day of your move. Local Moving Companies will also be experienced in troublesome areas in the city such as downtown Jacksonville. Areas like this might not put off red flags to inexperienced movers from out of state but any solid company in Jacksonville knows about the affects moving to high populated areas such downtown Jacksonville can have on the total time and cost of a job.

2. On-Site Estimates

One of the greatest benefits of hiring local movers is the access to in person estimates. Movers who genuinely care about providing you with the most accurate pricing for your job will offer estimates either in person or via facetime walkthroughs. On-site estimates not only allow the movers to have a more detailed and accurate list of inventory but also ensures all the supplies/tools necessary will be readily available for them to complete your move safely and efficiently come moving day. By inspecting inventory in person your moving professional will be able to take things into consideration such as weight of items, troublesome doorways, long distances to the truck, and stairs when providing your estimate. By visiting your residence beforehand, your moving representative will also be able to provide instructions and directions for their team of movers to find your home and position the truck in an ideal location.

3. Credibility and Licensing

By choosing to hire a local moving company you will find its easier to verify that they have the required licensing with both the state and county. Its important to check the companies you are looking to hire have a valid DOT# and are licensed with the FDACS. Local moving companies in Jacksonville are also required to be registered with both the city of Jacksonville and Duval County. Inquiring about insurance related to your valuable cargo is also advisable as hiring uninsured movers can potentially lead to big issues should they fail to take proper care of your belongings.

4. Competitive Pricing and Time Saving Options

Professional moving companies in your area will fight to earn your business. Its important to not just collect estimates from multiple companies but to also research what other individuals in the area are saying about said companies. By choosing to pick locally owned and operated moving companies you can expect your business to be of the upmost importance to not just the company representatives but also the actual team of movers. Reviews are very important in the industry especially when competing for jobs in an area like Jacksonville. See what others are saying about the companies you want to hire and view their websites to see if these are the type of individuals you would trust to come into your home and handle all of your valuable possessions. Doing a quick check to a companies website to view their team of movers will give you a lot of insight into what you can expect in terms of service on the actual day of the move. Many larger moving companies may sound proper over the phone, provide you with cheap estimates, and sell you on extra services just to turn around and crank your bill through the roof. The reason for this is that to them you are just another drop in the bucket and squeezing out as much money as possible is best for business. By going local you can expect your movers to take much more effort and care into ensuring a safe and proper move because their reputation is more valuable to them. These local companies don't have hundreds of reviews piling in from locations all across the country so ensuring that every job is done to the best of their ability is essential. Here is what some people have been saying about Beach Bod Moving:

Beach Bod helped us moving our sister to New Smyrna Beach, FL. She had done little to organize her belongings and was quite anxious about the move. These young men with impeccable manners, came to her residence, calmly and reassuringly talked to her while efficiently packing her scattered belongings. With a few hours they had her apartment emptied and my sister feeling optimistic and cheerful about her move. At the other end, they were, likewise, efficient and courteous. They had her unpacked in just a few hours. I don't know if anyone can ever claim to enjoy moving, but we came as close to enjoyment as possible, confident that my sister's belongings were in the hands of talented and trustworthy young men. I recommend them with complete confidence to anyone in need of professional movers.

- Kathy Mcdorman

We have moved several times and always our furniture either scratched or damaged. These guys were amazing! Not only was everything wrapped and padded but it was a complicated but the fact that our heavy furniture was on a second floor with a curved staircase. There was no damage to either the furniture or the staircase. Additionally, we received 4 quotes and Beach Bod was $500 cheaper than the lowest. I would definitely recommend this company!

-Robert Riechmann