What it takes to be a Beach Bod Mover

Fit, Friendly, Professional Movers

Here at Beach Bod Moving we pride ourselves in the quality of individuals we employ. All of our members go through extensive training in order to ensure we are providing the service that we promise our valued customers. Moving is hard work, and it definitely isn't for everybody. One thing we guarantee our new hires is that we will provide all of the tools and expertise needed for you to succeed in this industry. Workers that demonstrate admirable work ethic and leadership skills are always rewarded fairly for their time. As a member of Beach Bod Moving there are several key expectations we expect you to meet. Some of them are as follows:

  • Demonstrate hard work ethic and integrity the entire time you are on the clock.

  • Provide the customer with unmatched customer service.

  • Take initiative when there are tasks that require it.

  • Lead and provide guidance to members of the team with less experience.

  • Take care of our customers belongings as if they were your own.

  • Work to do everything in your abilities to provide a safe, stress free, and seamless moving experience for our valuable customers.

One thing that you will realize quickly after becoming a member of the Beach Bod Moving team is that we treat our team like family. Whether its off the clock or on the clock we are always willing to help one another when needed. There will be long hard days of work where you need your teams help to manage the large work load. Helping one another and having each others back is essential for maintaining this companies culture. You will find that Beach Bod Moving not only takes care of it's members financially, but also offers incentives and bonuses for employees who go above and beyond.

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