How to Save Money Before a Move

Beach Bod Moving's tips and tricks to make your moving day as short and inexpensive as possible.

Beach Bod


Things you can do to prepare for your move and save yourself time and money:

  1. Breaking Down/Disassembling Furniture- Most all moving companies offer to take care of disassembly and reassembly themselves. The main reason for this is because it takes a relatively long amount of time and its fairly easy if you have the necessary tools. If you have a piece that isn't too complicated to disassemble and you have the tools required then doing the assembling and disassembling yourself will save you valuable time and money. Just be sure to make sure you keep all the little pieces/screws in a safe place.

  2. Remove Clutter- Bagging up small or loose items or just transporting these items yourselves can save you a decent amount of money. Small/light items can take up a large portion of a move due to adding many trips to the truck. If you have the time and energy filling your car or personal vehicle will smaller items may just save you a pretty penny on your moving bill. Keeping light items like stuffed animals, pillows, and other commodities off the ground and away from walkways will also ensure your movers don't slip and fall while carrying heavy items of furniture.

  3. Labeling Boxes- This is commonly overlooked as people tend to think they will remember what they put in each box. Its all to common for movers to come to an unload and have to be directed to different areas of the house/apartment with the boxes they are transporting. By labeling your boxes the movers can ensure that boxes that go to the same location are kept together for the entirety of the move. This also saves the customer hassle by not having to scavenge through box after box to find whatever they are looking for.

  4. Arrange Suitable Parking Conditions- Making sure your movers have a place to park that allows for both proper placement of the ramp and the shortest distance from your residence to the truck will greatly cut down on load and unload time. By reserving parking spots closest to your home or apartment you can ensure the minimal distance needs to be made every trip. If your movers need to utilize a storage unit then getting units closer to the entrance/exit/elevator can greatly cut down on time spent on the clock. It is also advisable to notify your storage unit of your moving time and schedule so that you can work around other companies that may be in the area that will be competing for space/elevators.

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